Smarter, cheaper and more healthy. These three key words summarize Onecig™.
Thanks to this revolutionary innovation can now quit smoking but still retaining the cigarette and feeling. Computers and Technology vaporisationsteknik create steam and simulates the feel and perception of normal smoking.


Onecig™ creates "smoke" which consists of water vapor through a very sophisticated vaporizing technique. By inhalation activates the battery computer chip contained in Onecig™, which then converts the liquid in the e-filter for water vapor. Each filter is comparable to about 10-15 normal cigarettes. When the smoke is reduced from Onecig™ switch is easily the filter which then provides additional smoking equivalent to about 10-15 normal cigarettes.

By choosing Onecig™, you will also be of approximately 4000 different harmful chemicals as regular cigarettes makes the smoking and can thus initiate a much healthier life!

Welcome to the future and take advantage of the new generation of cigarettes!



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